IN JAMAICA (INSPIRATIONAL) : Former homeless man now doing degree at Caribbean Maritime Institute

BY CLAUDIENNE EDWARDS Sunday Observer writer  Sunday, October 18, 2015 
BEING homeless on the streets of downtown Kingston has to be one's worst nightmare.
Students hoist the Jamaica flag at a recent ceremony held
 at the Caribbean Maritime Institute at Palisadoes, Kingston.
In such circumstances, the last place you're hopeful of finding solace and an avenue to launching your dream career is at a night shelter.
At the Kingston & St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) Council meeting last Tuesday, Mayor Angela Brown Burke proudly announced that an individual at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter, at 65 Hanover Street, Kingston, had started classes at the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) on October 5 towards earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Customs Processes, Freight Forwarding and Immigration.
The individual whom the Mayor made reference to, on Friday told the Jamaica Observer of his struggles and how he left Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, earlier this year to come to Kingston, after a woman whom he met on Facebook lured him to the city, then abruptly abandoned him when his small nest egg dwindled.
The road to the individual (who asked not to be named or photographed) being able to start part-time classes at CMI has not been easy.
BROWN BURKE ... made the announcement at KSAC meeting
"I left Cambridge High School (on the border of St James and Westmoreland) with a range three level pass in one CXC subject -- mathematics," he recalled.
For a period he worked as a bartender at Couples Swept Away, Negril, but at the same time continued his studies through evening classes at Manning's School and Grange Hill High School.
"I did some subjects two, two, and one, one," he said, something which went on until he gained other CXC passes in English, information ttechnology, social studies, principles of business, human and social biology and physical education. He also attended the UWI Open Campus in Savanna-la-mar, where he gained a certificate in supervisory management. With the UWI certificate he was then able to switch jobs and work in a supervisory capacity at a small hotel in Negril. more

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