JAMAICA: LEAP YEAR 2016 Ones To Watch full....Lisa Hanna and Richard Lake will marry this year...Minister Marion Hall aka Lady Saw — the woman of God now charged to “heal broken women and help them find themselves” and much more....


Sunday, January 17, 2016    
A mere 17 days into 2016 and the signs are everywhere that this is going to be one of those memorable leap years. Our list has been edited drastically with a mere 25 left standing.
presents the Ones to Watch for 2016.
The so-called reggae renaissance is poised to further expand in 2016 when the genre’s musical marquis Chronixx and his Zincfence Redemption brethren Protoje feature at the revered Coachella festival in April. It’s yet another international milestone for the former, who quickly catapulted into the realm of reggae royalty with the release of his Dread and Terrible EP, the corresponding European tour, and let’s not forget that brilliant performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Not to be outdone, Protoje’s star is steadily rising. The son of Breakfast in Bed crooner Lorna Bennett, the young artiste describes his music as “new-age reggae” that pays homage to legendary influences like Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Sly & Robbie. It’s interesting to note that despite the thought that reggae is a dying art form, these two young’uns have forced us to step back and assess what it really means to be authentic. And if their duet is anything to go by… Who Knows? Maybe there’s a Grammy in both their future!
Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce
Perhaps it was the moving sermon at ingénue J Capri’s funeral or the realisation that her days as Queen of the Dancehall are now a fading memory for Generation Y that made Lady Saw finally say yes to Jesus after many attempts. We’ve come to know and love her for her songs, sass and boldface sexiness. Indeed, controversy is never too far off when the queen’s involved, whether it be a tit-for-tat with Ian Boyne or an outright Twitter brawl with the second-tier acts of the day, Lady Saw is always entertaining.
Fast-forward to December 2015, we were introduced to Minister Marion Hall — the woman of God now charged to “heal broken women and help them find themselves”. We’re not sure if it means a switch to gospel music just yet, so let’s see if there are plans to exchange those glistening garbs for a choir robe in the months ahead.
Patricia Duncan Sutherland
Lisa Hanna and  Richard Lake will marry this year
Patricia Duncan Sutherland’s entrance into the political arena has created waves in South Eastern Clarendon. Cut from a different cloth, we see this as politics 2.0. She calls it the politics of partnership and love, where there are no handouts expected or given but working with the people to develop real solutions to the issues, with transparency and integrity as the hallmarks of the campaign. We’ve booked front-row seats for this one to watch.
Global Bob
Global Bob (Chad Torrington) has built an impressive two-tiered business on the platform of social media and his dancing skills. He began by travelling for several months a year sharing his dancehall vision to hundreds of eager students around the world. He has now added a tourism arm to his efforts by inviting these same students to Jamaica to experience the culture. He has already brought over 300 foreigners to the island. Who says there are no opportunities? Those who lack imagination, perhaps.
Tamara Harding
Tamara Harding’s MaraMade designs seem to have come out of the woodwork, but in our view have already had an impressive start to something we think has legs. Through her mantra “No Wood Left Behind”, she has managed to breathe creative life into the moribund furniture and wood accessory industry. Her opening displayed a truly varied and original sensibility that has put her most decidedly among our list of people to watch. more

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