BREAKING NEWS: HIJACKED with 81 passengers....At Least One Hijacker Took Control Of EgyptAir Flight...Plane En Route From Alexandria To Cairo... Forced To Land On Cyprus...DEVELOPING STORY

An EgyptAir plane was hijacked while flying from Alexandria to Cairo on Tuesday.
The jet, an Airbus A320, was forced to land at Larnaca International Airport on Cyprus.
A statement from the Egyptian aviation authority said there are 55 passengers on board and five crew members. Earlier media reports put the number on board as high as 80. According to Reuters, at least one man was thought to be armed. Hiuacker claims to have a bomb on the plane. CNN reports that all the Egyptians on the plane were released, all foreigners are being held on the plane. It is not known who the hijacker is at this moment.
A Cypriot official told The Associated Press the hijacker demanded that police move away from the aircraft....DEVELOPING STORY

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