UPDATE : Condemnation for Mickolle Moulton's murder....Window through which she was shot...Police have no leads regarding the allegations of the motive for the murder.

 Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The brutal murder of 17-year-old Mickolle Moulton at her home in Arnett Gardens on Sunday morning triggered condemnation by government officials, the police, and citizens.
The 17-year-old, who was a Meadowbrook High School student, and her 12-year-old sister were shot in their bedroom by someone who pointed a gun through a window.
Mickolle Moulton
National Security Minister Robert Montague, in a press release, condemned the brutal killing and extended condolence to her family, all families affected by crime and violence, and pointed out that the murder, committed as Jamaica celebrated 55 years of Independence, is a harsh reminder of the realities we face as a nation.
The Jamaica Constabulary Force, he said, has assured that no effort will be spared to bring to justice the criminal who carried out this dastardly act.
Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips also condemned the murder, labelling it “savage” and appealed to the Arnett Gardens community to work with the police to identify and bring those responsible to justice.
Mark Golding looks at the window to
Mickolle Moulton's home through which the
 teen was shot on Sunday morning in
Arnett Gardens, St Andrew.
(Photo: Bryan Cummings) 
“This brutal killing of the 17-year-old and the shooting of her younger sister signal a new low to which our society has plunged in relation to crime and violence,” Phillips said. “Here is a girl who has committed herself to her academic studies so she could make her contribution to her family, community and country. She has been brutally cut down before she could fulfil her potential.”
“The community must work hand in hand with the police and spare no effort in bringing the perpetrators to justice. I offer condolence to the family, community, schoolmates and teachers; and pray for a speedy recovery for her sister who suffered injury in the attack,” he added. Senator Mark Golding also condemned the act and said the “callous depravity of this incident has shocked the entire community and left residents with a deep sense of despair and sadness”.
“I wish to express my heartfelt condolence to the family, who were already grieving the recent passing of the girls' grandmother. Mickolle had a bright future ahead of her, having just graduated from Meadowbrook High, and it has been tragically cut short in this most vile manner. The police must spare no effort in finding the perpetrators of this heinous crime. It is also critical that the community give the police their full cooperation in the investigations, so that the case can be solved and justice is done,” he said.
Golding also called for those communities with warring factions to end the violence, embrace unity, and work in harmony to build an economic base for the future. “Let us come together. We can strengthen existing businesses and start new ones, work with agencies to improve infrastructure, take advantage of educational opportunities, and generally empower ourselves in a positive direction. That must be the new way towards a future with hope and opportunities for progress,” he said.
The officials' condemnations, however, did not impress social media users.
Mickolle Moulton
“With due respect we are tired of this song you love to sing, that dub plate scratch... only once in a while her name will be mentioned, namely when another mom cries out,” one user commented.
“Condemning does not strike fear into gunmen and won't bring the victims back. Action is needed,” another wrote.
“For decades now, when these situations take place all I can hear is the same old sentiment, 'we are sorry' and then nothing is done,” another said.
Regarding the allegations, Detective Inspector Derrick Abbison at the Centre For Investigation Of Sexual Offences & Child Abuse said the unit has received no such report and will have to await findings from local police before they can investigate it. more

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