IN JAMAICA (REAL COP KILLER): Police Constable Lynden Barrett shot dead by gunman wearing mask — eyewitness says The Real Cop Killer

THE Jamaica Observer has been given critical information that one of three men who were standing along Wellington Street in Denham Town, West Kingston shot and killed Police Constable Lynden Barrett last Tuesday night.
Police Constable Lynden Barrett
An impeccable source, who revealed that he was at the scene, also brushed aside claims by people of the area that the policeman was shot by his colleagues.
Constable Barrett is known to frequent the area and is well known by residents, many of whom he had developed close relations with.
"Indian (as Constable Barrett is known) was in the area to drop off a package to a woman when he saw three men standing on a corner. He knew all three of them, and from a short distance away he saw a bulge in the side of one of them ... the one that was wearing a mask," the eyewitness said, beseeching the Sunday Observer that his identity be kept confidential.
Police personnel pray together at the Denham Town Police
 Station after the death of Constable Barrett.
"Indian walked up to the man with the bulge, lifted his shirt and said: A wa you a do wid this ya gun ina you side...."
The cop, according to the eyewitness, tried to disarm the gunmen and a struggle developed, resulting in Constable Barrett being shot in the upper body and head.
"The gunman and the two other men run off same time," the eyewitness said. "Indian stumbled towards his car and collapsed. At the same time, a police team that was on patrol heard the shot and rushed to the area fast, fast, fast, so that's how some of the people in the community say that its the police who shoot him, but its not police who shoot him ... is the boy wearing the mask," the eyewitness said.
Police Constable Lynden Barrett
The Police High Command maintained that the killing was done by gunmen, with Commissioner Dr Carl Williams, under fire for rating himself highly in the fight to reduce crime, insisting that Constable Barrett was not killed by friendly fire.
"I know for sure that the criminals are responsible for it," Dr Williams said last week.
"We are going to find them and bring them to justice. We checked it out and they (killers) were not police. I know for sure that the criminals are responsible," he said.
Yesterday, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell told the Sunday Observer that the police had received similar information to that given to this tabloid.
"That's the information that we received too that three men were involved, and we have even got three names," Powell stated. more

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