DAWN "No No No" PENN : Dawn Pens Her Pain - Yet To Receive Payment For Songs Over A Decade Old

Dawn Penn
Veteran reggae artiste Dawn Penn has released a new single called Never Hustle The Music, which speaks about the downside of being a recording artiste. It is no secret that several veteran reggae artistes were stiffed out of royalties due to bad business practices during the early days of Jamaican music. Penn tells The Gleanershe is still scarred by her past experiences.
According to Penn, who's single No No No is regarded as a worldwide hit, she decided to pen the song Never Hustle The Music because she is yet to receive payment for some of her biggest songs which are over a decade old.
The iconic rocksteady/reggae crooner says her experience has led her to form her own record label, Da-Beat Limited, which is now responsible for the production of the majority of her new music, because she wants more control of her material.
"I am putting out more music under my label Da-Beat Limited, so that I can be in control of my music. I have seven albums and Dawn Penn's music is on downloads," she said.
Younger looking Dawn Penn
Dawn Penn is now gearing up to release a new album, also titled Never Hustle The Music. According to the artiste, despite being low-keyed on the local scene, she has been busy executing additional work on her older projects which form her catalogue.
She has since produced Vintage One and Vintage Two using catalogue music. Those projects will also be marketed to the public, along with her more contemporary work. more

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