IN JAMAICA: Rain, at last! But... But hold the celebration, says weather expert

 Friday, August 14, 2015    
MANY Jamaicans yesterday afternoon welcomed the showers of rain, which suddenly burst from the skies across the Corporate Area and sections of Portmore, as a sign that the brutal drought plaguing eastern parishes in particular had finally broken.
But at least one weather expert says it's too early to celebrate.
Head of the Weather Branch of the meteorological service, Evan Thompson, says while the afternoon downpour was welcome, it was not that unusual.
"We can just be hopeful that we are starting to see a change, but it's really just the afternoon activity, with the breakdown of the strong winds coming across in the east. Normally this kind of thing happens in the west. It's just that we got some in the eastern parishes today. It's nothing too unusual. It's just that it's a welcome change for us in the east," he told the Jamaica Observer.

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