LISA HANNA PREVAILS : Embattled MP for St Ann South Eastern Lisa Hanna wins PNP delegates' vote as councillor's challenge fizzles

BY KIMONE FRANCIS Observer online reporter  Monday, September 28, 2015    
EMBATTLED Member of Parliament for St Ann South Eastern Lisa Hanna was yesterday selected by delegates to return as the representative for the People's National Party (PNP) in upcoming parliamentary elections as the challenge mounted to her leadership fizzled amidst a quarrel over the voters' list.
St Ann South Eastern MP Lisa Hanna (centre) is embraced by
 supporters after she emerged as the winner of yesterday’s People’s
 National Party candidate selection at Ferncourt High School in
 the parish. (PHOTO: MICHAEL GORDON)
Hanna, whose stewardship of the constituency came under heavy scrutiny in recent months, was challenged by Councillor Lydia Richards (Bensonton Division).
Of the 484 delegates who participated in the selection exercise, 468 voted for Hanna, 10 voted for Richards, while six votes were spoilt. A total of 1,056 delegates were eligible to vote.
Richards, who had expressed concerns over the voters' list, was a no-show. She told the Jamaica Observer by phone yesterday that she had indicated to the party's Secretariat that she was not comfortable with the list.
A relaxed-looking Lisa Hanna during yesterday’s selection
exercise at Ferncourt High School.
"There are too many inaccuracies and I have been writing to the general secretary back and forth about this. When he gave me the list on Friday, nothing was changed. He did not even look into one of the things that I mentioned," Richards argued.
"I could not contest with that, but I'm still there. So I'm hoping that they will come to their senses and realise that you cannot move forward with lies," she said.
Richards charged that, even with her concerns, the party's Secretariat had not contacted her, but decided to move forward with the voting.
"I am not coming," she said.
Chief among her concerns was the argument that people were listed as being members of groups to which they had no knowledge. It was further alleged that people's signatures were also forged to indicate that they were members of these groups. more

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