The model Marley...Stephanie Marley started the B'uniqk (pronounced be unique) Modelling Talent Agency two years ago to prepare aspirants for a career in the spotlight.

 BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Observer writer  Sunday, September 27, 2015    
HAVING grown up in one of the world's most famous music families, Stephanie Marley is familiar with the attention afforded children of celebrities.
Models from B’uniqk Modelling Talent Agency.
Two years ago when she started the B'uniqk (pronounced be unique) Modelling Talent Agency, one of her goals was to prepare aspirants for a career in the spotlight.
Even with a name as renowned as Marley, the daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley and his wife Rita said it has not been easy establishing the fledgling company.
"We have been networking with ad agencies and production teams to get our company in the know. We still have to work on increased publicity; however, the response has been good as we have made it easier for agencies to locate and identify children with talent," she told the Jamaica Observer.
Currently, B'uniqk has a full-time staff of three, which includes a booking agent. There are 18 charges signed to its roster, ranging from ages four to 21. They are singers, actors and models who receive training and grooming courses from well-known people, such as public-speaking coach Carol Turnbull and former fashion model Althea Laing.
Models from B’uniqk Modelling Talent Agency. At right:
A child model
The international youth talent market is lucrative. Agencies or record companies can make millions of dollars placing child or teen actors and models in television shows, ads, movies, or producing bubblegum music a la Justin Beiber.
Despite the challenges of breaking into such a competitive market, Marley noted that things have looked up for B'uniqk this year.
"This summer we booked a young female singer for a documentary done by a German television station, ProSieben TV. They wanted a school-aged female to talk about life as a Jamaican and to show her talent," she related. "They recorded her in 'Ochi' where she lives, and also her recording a song in studio." more

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