Danielle Samantha Hall formerly of XLCR High School : 'I have been to death's door and back'.... Danielle Hall talks about living with lupus....I was hospitalised on my 18th birthday for bacterial meningitis

Sunday, November 01, 2015    
I would like to thank the 'CBS Stitch EmbroidIT' company for being the first to share my story on social media and playing a part in assisting individuals living with lupus. They informed me that, currently, my story has reached over 100,000 people via their post, and for that I am grateful.
HALL... I have never really feared anything from living with
 these illnesses — not even death.
Sharing my story is not an easy task as it takes much courage and even more selflessness to do it. However, there are people out there who need me as much as I need them, and I am confident that together we can overcome this disease.
My name is Danielle Samantha Hall and I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus at age 21. However, I was hospitalised on my 18th birthday for bacterial meningitis. Life for me before was pretty normal. I was just going through the motions of a teenager. I attended St Andrew Preparatory School where I did very well in my academics and also in service clubs. I served as the president for the Builders Club and also held leadership roles in other clubs and societies. I graduated from St Andrew Preparatory and started Excelsior High School in 2001, where I continued to do well in academics and participated in several extra-curricular activities (Peer Counselling, Inter-School Christian Fellowship, Environmental Club, Girl Guides, Tourism Action Club, and Key Club). I served as a junior prefect from grade nine then went on to become a senior prefect in grade 11. I left high school with eight CXC subjects with distinctions in English language and French. Throughout my life, I had always found it necessary to be an active participant in school activities and also maintaining a good average.
Danielle Hall, now 25 years old, was diagnosed with
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus at age 21.
A part of my childhood and teenage years had been impacted greatly because my mother had been seriously ill throughout my school years and had to be hospitalised on several occasions. I am the only child for my mother, and this resulted in me having to stay with several people, including teachers, while my mom was in hospital.
I left Quality Academics in June 2007 and went on to work at the Office of the Cabinet in September of that year. This was my first and only permanent job after performing exceptionally well as a holiday worker. In February 2008, the office transitioned and joined the Ministry of Finance and Planning, where I am currently employed. In April of that year, on the weekend before my birthday, I started experiencing several symptoms which resulted in a seizure that eventually led to my hospitalisation. more

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