ROYAL CONTROVERSY IN JAMAICA : FRANCHISE holder of the Miss Jamaica World pageant, Laura Butler has broken her silence on allegations about Miss Jamaica World Sanneta Myrie ....

Thursday, November 19, 2015    
FRANCHISE holder of the Miss Jamaica World pageant, Laura Butler has broken her silence on allegations making social media rounds that obligations to reigning queen Sanneta Myrie have not been met.
Miss Jamaica World Sanneta Myrie
Various individuals, purporting to be Myrie's friends, have accused Butler of doing very little in preparing the queen, who left for China on Tuesday ahead of the December 19 finals.
In an interview with the Jamaica Observer last evening, Butler said the public has a misconception of the obligations of the franchise holder to the reigning queen. She said this has lead to the misunderstanding, particularly as it relates to a close circle of friends associated with Myrie.
"After the local contest, there is no sponsorship in preparation for Miss World, and all agreed spending must be handled by the franchise holder. Generally speaking, as franchise holder, I am responsible to get her to China for Miss World and back, ensure that she has a wardrobe, including some specific pieces stipulated by Miss World, give her a little spending money, handle her visa requirements, and see to her general welfare during her reign. We have no obligation to support her financially. That does not mean that if we are in a position to do so we will not, but we are not bound to do so," she said.
Butler also commented on the accusations that Myrie has not received the prizes due to her as Miss Jamaica World.
"At no time did we advertise that there would be a car as a prize for this year's pageant. The previous franchise holder was unable to source a prize car for many years and we got a car in 2013. Last year, we were able to obtain one on lease... but the economy is of such that it was just not possible, despite our efforts. This year, the prize package included the trip to China, her Miss World wardrobe, a cellphone with $50,000 call credit, a shopping trip to New York, and a scholarship. Of all these things, the only thing she is yet to receive is the scholarship and a tablet. There is also a pair of diamond earrings, which is to be presented to her as a Christmas gift when she returns from Miss World," said Butler. more

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