BREAKING NEWS (JAMAICA) : FINAL VOTE COUNT JLP 32 seats v. PNP 31 seats : Green declared winner of St Mary South East seat after official recount. With a one seat margin. What happens if a JLP switches party at the last minute....Would you say chaos in JA?

Sunday, February 28, 2016 | 1:10 AM Excerpt Jamaica Observer
KINGSTON, Jamaica - Observer Online can now confirm that the PNP's Winston Green has been declared the official winner of the St Mary South East constituency after the official recount ended late last night.
Green lost by 137 votes after the preliminary count on Thursday night to the JLP's Norman Dunn.
Souces close to the process say that one of the boxes that were counted on election day (preliminary count) had Dunn winning when it should have been the other way with Green winning. If this final result holds, it would mean that the JLP won 32 seats and the PNP 31. The declared result on election night had the JLP winning 33 seats and the PNP 30. more

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