SHOTTAS 2 (Jamaican Movie) - Maybe Coming Near You

— Simone Morgan of Jamaica Observer 2/23/16
DISCUSSIONS are currently underway for the filming of Shottas 2, a sequel to the 2002 low-budget movie.
Victor Lewis, publicist for singer Ky-Mani Marley, who starred in Shottas, told theJamaica Observer that Marley is expected to reprise his role as Biggs in the sequel and proposed television series.
“The producers have reached out to us for both the sequel and the series, but nothing is concrete as yet. The ideas are pitching around and the finances are being sorted out for the filming,” said Lewis.
Written and directed by Cess Silvera, Shottas had a budget of US$200,000. The movie chronicles the lives of two friends, Biggs and Wayne (Spragga Benz), who grow up together in the tough streets of Kingston. They rob a beverage truck and use the money to purchase visas to go to the United States where they continue their criminal activities.
Shottas had a cult following before it was officially released in the United States in 2006. It also starred Paul Campbell and Louie Rankin.
Marley, 39, also starred in the 2003 movie One Love with fellow singer Cherine Anderson.

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