IN JAMAICA: Motorcylist, daughter die in crash after burial of schoolboy footballer Jordan Foote .... Man planned originally to attend church service only but went to burial site, after which tradedy struck

BY TANESHA MUNDLE Observer staff reporter  Wednesday, March 30, 2016 
ON Sunday when Norman Delhall left his home in McIntyre Villa, Kingston, with his daughter to attend the funeral of star footballer Jordan Foote, his plan was to only attend the church service and quickly return home to resume his tailoring commitments. But that was not to be.
Shavell Delhall was a member of the Jamaica Under-19
Football Team.
The 54-year-old tailor and his 18-year-old daughter, Shavell — a former member of the Jamaica Under-19 football squad — met their demise after the motorcycle on which they were travelling reportedly crashed into a cement mixer motor truck.
The unfortunate incident occurred about 5:20 pm on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston, while Norman was returning home on his motorcycle with his daughter from the Dovecot Memorial Gardens in St Catherine, where Foote was laid to rest.
Yesterday, when the Jamaica Observer visited the Delhalls’ home, his sister, Viviene, who was overcome with grief, said she could not get over the fact that her brother had told her that he was not going to the burial ground.
“All mi a hear inna me head is him saying that him just a go a the church, him not going to Dovecot and all now him nuh come back,” she said before breaking down into tears.
Norman Delhall crashed and died on his way home
 from the burial of star footballer Jordan Foote.
According to Viviene, her brother changed his mind about returning home after the church service because of his daughter.
“If Shavell never say she ago over there him would a never go,” she said. “Me nuh know how mi a go overcome this,” she added. “Me cyaan believe this, this come in like a show.”
Andre Harvey, the son-in-law of the deceased — who had delivered the sad news to the family — said Delhall did not wake up with the intention of going to the funeral as he had gotten up late and had even sent his daughter to the shop to purchase food that he was going to cook for dinner. more

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