JAMAICAN model Alexia Palmer, files suit against Donald Trump's modelling agency

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 | 7:56 PM
KINGSTON, Jamaica – Foreign media are reporting that a Jamaican model has filed a lawsuit against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's modelling agency.
Alexia Palmer (Photo:Tumblr.com)
The agency, Trump Model Management LLC, is accused of lying to the federal government in its work-visa application.
According to court documents, the Jamaican, Alexia Palmer, was to receive a US$75,000-a-year salary while living in the United States.
Instead, Palmer reportedly received a total of US$3,880.75 during the three years she was under contract with the agency. The complainant alleges "fraudulent misrepresentation" and violations of US immigration and labour laws and has asked for US $225,000 in back pay. The suit was originally filed in October 2014 and a decision on a pending motion by Trump Model Management to dismiss is expected by the end of March. The clerk for Judge Analisa Torres, who is presiding over the case in the US District Court, Southern District, told Reuters.
However, Trump's lawyers have called the case "frivolous" and "without merit".
In court documents they reportedly said Palmer wasn't an employee and was more than adequately compensated for a "very brief stint as a fashion model", which they say amounted to less than 10 days of work over three years.
"At the end of the day, this model just didn't have a successful career, and we fully expect to win," said Lawrence Rosen, a lawyer for Trump Model Management.
See full Reuters story here.

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