Prime Minister Andrew Holness' first day at work.... New PM hits ground running on arrival at Jamaica House at 7am yesterday.

Saturday, March 05, 2016   
PRIME Minister Andrew Holness hit the ground running on his first day in office, getting to work at 7:00 am yesterday at Jamaica House where he met with a small group of private sector leaders.
The group included Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica President William Mahfood, GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby, former PSOJ President Chris Zacca, and former Opposition Senator Nigel Clarke.
Holness peruses a copy of the National Water Commission
 Capital Investment Plan.
“We basically discussed some of the critical issues, such as his need to continue the partnership, which he reaffirmed yesterday in his inaugural speech, and also to engage civil society and the private sector to utilise us, because his strength is going to be dialogue with civil society and the private sector to ensure that he gets consensus on his policies,” Mahfood told the Jamaica Observer.
Andrew Holness
Mahfood also said the discussions included a growth policy and the private sector’s willingness to help craft that policy. “We told him we’re offering our guidance, support, and technical assistance where necessary to assist in that policy creation,” Mahfood said. The PSOJ president also said the prime minister committed to keeping Jamaica in the International Monetary Fund-approved economic reform programme and discussed with the group the need to fast-track investments in the key areas that are going to generate growth, among them tourism, business process outsourcing, agriculture, and manufacturing.
“It was a very, very good meeting,” Mahfood said. “I came away with a very, very positive feeling that he’s going to maintain the dialogue with civil society and the private sector to really craft the policies.”

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