IN JAMAICA (SAD STORY) : Decomposing body of newborn baby found in Kingston gully

RESIDENTS of Stadium Gardens Swallowfield in Kingston yesterday expressed anger after the body of what appeared to be a newborn baby was found in the gully adjacent to the National Indoor Sports Centre.
Residents of the Stadium Gardens and neighbouring Swallowfield
 communities gather along the perimeter fence of the gully bank
 behind the National Indoor Sports Centre where the body of what
 appeared to be a newborn child was found yesterday
 afternoon. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)
The body, which was discovered at approximately 3:00 pm by a group of boys who were walking along the gully bank to get to the National Stadium’s pool, was partially decomposed and surrounded by flies and vultures that picked at it.
Speculations are that the mother of the child, who was not identified, delivered the baby in the gully and left it there as close by where the body lay there were bloodstains, which residents believe to be marks from the placenta or afterbirth — foetal membranes discharged from the womb after the birth of a baby. From observation, residents say the baby appears to be a girl.
On hearing of the discovery, residents from both communities gathered to take a closer look from the gully banks, but the ghastly sight proved overwhelming for some, mostly women. “It is a wicked act. If you can’t afford it, then give it away to someone who can take care of it. Look how close Children’s Hospital deh? Carry the baby go leave a public. Look if dog in a any one a we yard and leave it in there but don’t kill the child. It is heart-rending to witness something like this. You always hear of it happening elsewhere but when it gets top your doorstep you know it is real,” Marlene Maxwell, a resident of Swallowfield for 56 years said.
Another resident, who refused to give her name, said: “Me belly bottom hurt me as everyday I’ve always wanted a girl baby to look after as I have only boys. Better she did carry the baby come give me.”
A man, who goes by the name Constantine said to how hurt he felt if he got hold of the woman he would throw her into the gully as she too deserves to die.
“She don’t deserve to live. Whoever did it does not deserve to live and if I caught her now she would a get throw over the fence,” he said, in reference to the perimeter fencing at the gully.
He added: “My last youth a 22 years old and trust me to see something like this hurt me. The nation can’t get so heartless; there are so many other routes.” more

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