JAMAICA TRAGEDY, THREE KILLED IN TRELAWNY COLLISON : The deceased, who were heading home after a hard day’s work, have been identified as 23-year-old Janice Brown, 20-year-old Keno Edwards and 41-year-old Dwight Sutton...“How come him never see the truck coming?”

Thursday, April 07, 2016 BY HORACE HINES Observer West reporter   
The Trelawny community was plunged into a state of shock and mourning Tuesday night when news broke that two gas station pump attendants and a hotel worker perished in a two-vehicle collision along a section of the Northern Coastal Highway in the vicinity of Rock, less that 300 metres from where the attendants were employed.
The car in which the three lost their lives
The deceased, who were heading home after a hard day’s work, have been identified as 23-year-old Janice Brown of Wilson Run, 20-year-old Keno Edwards of Clark’s Town and 41-year-old Dwight Sutton of Bounty Hall, all in Trelawny.
Reports are that about 11:00pm, shortly after Brown and Edwards ended their shift at the nearby Johnson’s Petroleum gas station, Sutton was driving a Mitsubishi Cedia motor car with the attendants aboard when on reaching a section of the highway the vehicle reportedly collided with a trailer truck that was heading in the opposite direction.
Mangled vehicles
Edwards, energetic worker
The impact of the collision dislodged the engine of the car, sending it flying several metres from where the vehicle came to a halt. The two vehicles were extensively damaged. The occupants of the car reportedly died instantly and members of the Falmouth Fire Station removed their lifeless bodies from the mangled remains of the vehicle. The driver of the truck reportedly sustained minor injuries.
As news of the bizarre crash spread, area residents swarmed the scene, where many of them openly questioned the judgement of the driver of the car.
“How come him never see the truck coming?” one motorist was overheard asking another man close by.
Sutton...Driver of Motor Car
Brown’s roommate and close friend Kerine Fletcher, who arrived at the scene of the crash more than an hour after the tragedy occurred, was distraught when she discovered that her friend of many years was among the dead.
Brown...Promising Worker
“She was my best friend, we have come from Wilson Run down here to work and we have been living together in Hague for over one year now,” a teary-eyed Fletcher told the Jamaica Observer West.
The distraught Fletcher, who works at a restaurant a few metres from where the deadly crash occurred, said she heard the impact while she was on duty, but “had no idea that my friend was in it.”
“It was after I finished working and went to check out the accident that I found out that Kerine was in it. I don’t know how I am going to manage; it is me alone now going to be at the home now. She was a very nice person,” said Fletcher, fighting to hold back the tears. more

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