WEST KINGSTON, JA (SHOOTING) : Residents want answers after police killing in Denham Town of 33-year-old Ronald Foster.....“My brother-in-law a bad man so if him did have a gun him woulda fire back,” one woman said.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016— Tanesha Mundle
RESIDENTS of Wellington Street in Denham Town, West Kingston, are demanding answers from the police following the fatal shooting of a man in the community early Monday.
They say 33-year-old Ronald Foster, otherwise called ‘Doddu Wow’, was shot dead inside his house.
Foot Patrol In Denham Town
Senior Superintendent of Police and Commanding Officer for the West Kingston Division, Howard Chambers, told the
Jamaica Observer that Foster was killed by police officers from Denham Town Police Station after he pointed a gun at them during an operation at his home. The police claimed a 9mm Taurus pistol and a 2mm round were seized at Foster’s house in the aftermath of the shooting.
But residents are disputing the police’s version of how the killing occurred and insisted that Foster was killed in cold blood.
They said that at about 1:35 am Foster was at home with his girlfriend when a team of police swooped down on the premises and shot him three times in his abdomen. This, after his girlfriend opened the grille to the house.
Friends and relatives said that, though Foster was no angel, he was not a wanted man and was reporting to the police for four days each week, according to a court order.
“We want know why, ’cause him a report Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a Friday him report so me would a waan know what happen between now and Friday why dem come kill him,” his sister, Simone said.
Ronald Foster
They said That Foster did not have a gun at the time of the shooting, as there were no exchange with the police.
“My brother-in-law a bad man so if him did have a gun him woulda fire back,” one woman said.
“But mi know dem ago come seh dem find gun pon him,” another added.
According to the residents, the police fired only three shots — two of which were lodged inside Foster’s body and the third in his entertainment centre. They claimed the police removed the bullet from the entertainment centre before they left the scene.
The incident is being investigated by the Independent Commission of Investigations.

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