HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (JAMAICA) : A Decade Of Motherhood

Festive Occasion, Mothers and Children
Sunday, May 08, 2016    
WHAT better way to continue our 10th anniversary celebrations of Page 2 than with 10 mothers and their children, some already 10 and the others about to usher in birthday #10.
Mother: Naomi Garrick Child: Ajani Campbell (10 years)
Happy Mother's Day
Reflections on motherhood & Page 2 turning 10: Like Page 2, my son Ajani has just celebrated his 10th birthday — an amazing milestone and achievement. It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed by so quickly, it’s a reminder to slow down and to capture as many special moments and kisses as possible (while I am still allowed). Motherhood has been as rewarding as it is challenging, not only do I learn more about my son every day, but I also learn a little bit more about myself during the process. The most important thing, which I’m still trying to master, is “balance” - finding a happy medium for family time, work, friends and God. Having a great support team in my mother (Colette) and grandmother (Barbara) makes this easier to accomplish. My patience is still tested every night at homework time, but I wouldn’t trade the experience of motherhood for anything else in the world. I may not be the best mother, but I try to be a little bit better every day for my hilariously funny, loving and creative son. Happy Mother’s Day to all those who “mother”. The trait Ajani wants from Mom: Her kindness and congeniality — because my friends are always saying “your mom is so nice” — also because my mom takes care of me good, she feeds me well, she hugs me, she helps me when I’m sick — she’s very loving. The trait Naomi wants Ajani to have: A positive attitude.
Mother: Andrena McMayo
Children: Aria (13+ years) & Jomo McMayo (9 years)
Reflections on motherhood:
Happy Mothers Day Moms
I’ve had the privilege of being a mother for the past 14 years. I can’t say it’s been without challenges but it’s always been rewarding. The parents of their friends are some of my best friends. Their involvement in a myriad extra-curricular activities has led me to pursue my own fitness goals; their dreams and aspirations keep me disciplined and focused in life/career and most of all, their love has given me the inspiration to be the best person and mother I can be.
The trait Jomo wants from Mom: Kindness — because she shares with us and gives us food every day. 
The trait Andrena wants Jomo to have: A love of family.
Mother: Jacquiann Lawton
Child: Emile L Yearwood (9+ years)
Reflections on motherhood: “Calm, acknowledging the vibrancy of now. My favourite words, “ Mummy, can I have a hug?”  more

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