HATE CRIMES SKYROCKET IN UK : ‘YES! WE WON! NOW SEND THEM BACK’... ‘No More Polish Vermin’... ‘Go Back To Africa’... WATCH: Brexit Leader Goes Full-On Trump, Denies Vote Unleashed Surge Of Racism... MARKET MADNESS: Global Markets Lose $3 Trillion... Britons Flood Ireland With EU Passport Queries...

June 28, 2016...Excerpt from Huffington Post
The fallout following the British vote to leave the European Union has triggered an uptick in racist incidents.
An aversion to immigration has been at the forefront for the “leave” camp, emboldening xenophobes to reportedly come out of the shadows and publicly attack immigrant communities.
Eyewitnesses have taken to social media to describe incidents they have encountered, and an account called Post Ref Racism was started on both Twitter and Facebook to offer people a “space to document the increase in racism,” according to the page’s description. Britain’s Polish community has been specifically targeted by xenophobic sentiments. Police are investigating various “racially motivated hate crimes“ targeting Poles in England.
Authorities first found leaflets saying “no more Polish vermin” in central England.Graffiti demanding that Poles leave the U.K. was later discovered at a Polish cultural center in London.
The spokesman for Poland’s President Andrzej Duda demanded that Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, the two primary leaders of the “leave” movement, condemn the “outrageous barbarity“ of these actions.
Prime Minister David Cameron responded to the incidents on Monday. His government “will not tolerate intolerance” and condemns “some of the incidents we have seen across the country over the weekend of intimidating migrants and telling them that they need to go home,” he said.
And a Labour member of parliament, Jess Phillips, tweeted that she would submit a question to Parliament to find out how many racial incidents had occurred over the weekend compared with prior to the referendum.

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