OLYMPICS: Rio de Janeiro's acting governor: Olympics could be a 'big failure' Official warns: Money is needed quickly to avoid 'difficulties' Man throws water at Olympic torchRio gets huge bailoutIOC backs Russia doping ban

By Tiffany Ap, CNN Updated 4:04 AM ET, Tue June 28, 2016
(CNN)The headache for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games organizers shows no signs of subsiding.
Brazilian fireman Haudson Alves descends from a helicopter carrying the Olympic flame on a lantern at the Brasilia National Stadium in Brasilia on May 3, 2016.
Embattled President Dilma Rousseff greeted the Olympic flame in Brazil on Tuesday, promising not to allow a raging political crisis, which could see her suspended within days, to spoil the Rio Games. The torch will now be carried in a relay by 12,000 people through 329 cities, ending in Rio's Maracana stadium on August 5 for the opening ceremony.        / AFP / BETO BARATA        (Photo credit should read BETO BARATA/AFP/Getty Images)Six weeks before the Games are set to begin, Francisco Dornelles, the acting governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, told the Brazilian newspaper O Globo that the state has not yet received recently-approved federal funds to beef up security and transportation for the quadrennial competition.
    "I am optimistic about the games, but I have to show the reality. We can make a great Olympics, but if some steps are not taken, it can be a big failure," Dornelles told O Globo.
    Olympic Games: Is Rio ready? The budget shortfall adds to the "perfect storm" Brazil is facing leading up to the Games, due to kick off on August 5. Organizers are dealing with concerns regarding the Zika virus, a doping scandal in which Brazil's only testing lab was suspended, high crime and political upheaval involving the country's highest figures.
    In the interview, Dornelles said that without the bailout money, the state could only afford to cover the expenses of the police force for a few more days.
    "The police fleet runs the risk of stopping. We managed to stretch the finances and we'll only last until the end of the week," Dornelles said.
    The state's police officers have not been paid for overtime work for more than six months.
    Brazil's federal government approved the bailout, worth about $850 million (2.9 billion reals), last week. more

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