FLAT BRIDGE HORROR in JAMAICA : Survivor recounts final moments before Suzuki Vitara plunges into Rio Cobre killing 6

BY JEDIAEL CARTER Staff reporter carterj@jamaicaobserver.com  Sunday, July 17, 2016 
“No God, me nuh want dead like this,” is what 19-year-old Shane Harris remembered thinking while in the cold Rio Cobre early yesterday morning.
Harris was with seven other church members when the vehicle in which they travelled plunged into the infamous river as they travelled to Bog Walk in St Catherine.
01“My side was stuck to the wall,” Harris told the Jamaica Observer. “When the vehicle fell, my side first hit the rock an a so comes me hit me head and it flip and my part stuck right at the concrete. Me a try swim round an a try find me way out but God work inna mysterious ways.”
He said something supernatural happened. “Me neva have no way fi escape so me did a say everybody come out lef me. So me a try fight my way fi come out now an me see a white bright light, bright, bright light, me nah talk bout nuh regular car light or flashlight, an di light come an one white han stretch out an me hol di han an come out,” Harris said as he relived the ordeal.
“When me come out a di car, me deh inna di water a try float out myself an me a sink cause di water very deep, me couldn’t feel di bottom an den me feel two han jus ease me up pan di water top an me grab on pan di car an go up pan di top. Den some man weh did deh roun rescue me an tek me out a di water,” a somber Harris continued.
“It’s a miracle. Me still a wonder if me still alive,” Harris, the survivor said. “Fi know say everybody else did free an my part did block off,” he said in disbelief.
“Me have a lot fi tell God seh,” he noted.
Harris told the Sunday Observer about the moments before the accident.
“We did a talk, an a chat, bout di legend tale story we hear bout di mermaid an stories until dat happen,” a teary-eyed Harris rehashed.
“We were just talking and laughing and my Bishop tell me to sing a song. When di car go down him (bishop) say ‘Jesus Shepherd Harris’, that is what him call me, and di car just go down. There was screaming I think me hear some a dem say ‘Jesus’ an ‘help me’ an ‘mercy’,” Harris recalled as he stared into space. more

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