IN JAMAICA (MONEY WORRIES): OPPOSITION Leader Portia Simpson Miller seeks release of reports to Integrity Commission

OPPOSITION Leader Portia Simpson Miller has written to chairman of the Integrity Commission of Parliament Justice Paul Harrison asking him to release to her certified and signed copies of integrity reports which she submitted to the commission for the years 2006 to 2015.
Portia Simpson
“Mrs Simpson Miller has further requested that the commission indicates to her in writing the dates the reports were received and whether or not she has ever been reported for any breaches,” said a release issued yesterday by former information minister Sandrea Falconer.
“Once the reports are received the Opposition leader will release the documents to the media appropriately redacted to remove sensitive details,” the short statement said.
Since Prime Minister Andrew Holness released details of his personal assets to the public earlier this week there have been calls for Simpson Miller to do the same, with critics insisting that the former prime minister should show her hands as well as it was her party during the fiery lead-up to the 2016 general election which called for Holness to release his information.The prime minister has since said that he plans to table legislation in Parliament to ensure that those who head the four major political offices in the island declare and make public their personal assets ever year. These are the prime minister, the minister of finance, leader of the Opposition, and the Opposition’s spokesperson on finance.
Speaking to the press at Jamaica House on June 17, after releasing information on his assets, Holness said the standards must be raised on the importance of reassuring the public about the integrity of political leaders. He said it was also important for public officials to declare their assets to the commission in a timely manner.
Julian Robinson, another politician who some have mooted as a possible candidate for leadership of the People’s National Party, also released details of his financials that have been filed with the Integrity Commission.
Robinson, member of Parliament for St Andrew South East, released the filings after questions were raised about his plans to buy a multi-million dollar property.
The Integrity Commission has oversight responsibility in ensuring that public officials file annual reports disclosing their income, assets, and liabilities. Officials are required to file documentation verifying their income, assets and liabilities. This is to be done at the start of each parliamentary term. The commission is authorised to made independent enquiries and investigate matters related to a statutory declaration.

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