HERE IS THE VIDEO : ‘DON’T SHOOT HIM, DON’T SHOOT HIM’ : Video Shows Moment Of Keith Scott’s Killing By N.C. Cops, Filmed By His Wife... Police Repeatedly Shout ‘Drop The Gun’... Wife: ‘He Doesn’t Have A Gun’... Clinton: Release The Video... N.C. Attorney General: ‘We Must Continue In The Pursuit Of The Truth’...

A video released to NBC News shows the moment when police in Charlotte, North Carolina, shot Keith Scott.
In the video, which lasts two minutes and 12 seconds, Scott’s wife pleads with an officer not to fire his weapon. At the same time, the officer is pointing a gun in Scott’s direction, screaming at him to “drop the gun.”
“Don’t shoot him, he has no weapon,” Rakeyia Scott says several times. She tells the officers that her husband has a TBI, or a traumatic brain injury, and then assures them, “He’s not gonna do anything, he just took his medicine.”
She then yells toward Scott, “Keith, don’t you do it!” It’s unclear whether she is telling him not to get out of the vehicle he’s in.
Police fire their weapons, and Scott can be seen lying on the ground.
“Did you shoot him?” Rakeyia Scott asks officers. “He better live. He didn’t do nothing to them.”
Keith Scott was waiting in his truck for his young son to come home from school, his lawyer told NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez, but his wife had gone inside their apartment to grab a cell phone charger. She was gone for about three minutes and began recording once she emerged from the apartment. more

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