Bloody Christmas in JAMAICA - Gunmen Kill Four In St James On Holiday; Another Dead In Clarendon.....Nation has already surpassed the 1,192 murder toll recorded last year

Published:Monday | December 26, 2016 | 2:38 AM
With the police indicating that the nation has already surpassed the 1,192 murder toll recorded last year, Christmas Day saw four more persons cut down by gunmen in the St James community of Hendon, Norwood.

According to reports, shortly after 7 p.m. three men and a woman were shot dead and a second woman injured at a shop in Hendon.‎
The victims were playing dominoes when a car with several men aboard drove up.

The Gleaner understands that the occupants got out of the car and opened fire on the group, killing the‎ four people on the spot.
The injured woman has been taken to hospital. 

Another Murder In May Pen

The incident occurs hours after a brazen gun attack in May Pen, Clarendon, left one man dead early yesterday morning and homicide investigators searching for clues.
The Clarendon police said that, despite a heavy security  detail, gunmen struck with deadly force, killing a yet to be identified male in the vicinity of the clock tower and Seven Roads area of May Pen just  after 12 a.m.
"We are yet to ascertain the victim's identity, but what we can tell you is that he is a male in his late 20," a senior investigator at the Clarendon police divisional headquarters told The Gleaner.
"From our investigation, the deceased was standing in the vicinity of the clock tower and Seven Roads when the assailant or assailants approached and open fire. The police responded and rushed the injured man to the May Pen Hospital where he was pronounced dead," said the senior investigator who did not wish to be identified.
Prior to the incident in St James, RJR reported yesterday that the police had indicated that 1,300 murders had been committed since the start of the year.
Last year's toll was surpassed in November.
- Horace Fisher contributed to this story 

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