Laptops, Other Electronics To Be Banned On Some U.S.-Bound Flights

Federal authorities plan to ban laptops, tablets and other electronic devices from the cabins of certain international flights to the United States, multiple news outlets reported on Monday.
The Department of Homeland Security is expected to officially announce the travel rules on Tuesday. However, the scope and the motivation for them is currently unclear. Reuters reported that an unspecified terrorist threat prompted the rules, which will affect about a dozen airlines. CBS News said the rules are a response to overseas intelligence rather than a specific threat.
According to CNN, the restrictions will apply to flights coming from some North African and Middle Eastern countries.
A tweet from Royal Jordanian airlines created confusion on Monday about the previously unheard-of security measure. 
The company said that starting March 21, passengers could no longer bring cameras, DVD players and electronic games with their carry-on items. Such items must be checked on flights to and from New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal.
Cell phones and medical devices would still be permitted, Royal Jordanian said.
The tweet was later deleted. 
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly informed members of Congress about the upcoming security changes, according to The Associated Press
The Transportation Security Administration wrote about the new rule in an email on Monday, The Guardian reported.
Officials with the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration did not immediately respond to The Huffington Post’s inquiries. more

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