MANDEVILLE, Manchester (CONTRACT KILLING) :Manchester double murder work of hitmen — police supt said

Friday, March 10, 2017  — Alicia Sutherland Jamaica Observer  

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — The police are theorising that the shooting incident in Christiana, Manchester, on Wednesday, which left two men dead, was a contract killing.
Members of the public photographed at a crime scene. (File Photo)
Head of the Manchester Police Division, Superintendent Wayne Cameron, said yesterday that the evidence suggests that only one of the men was the target.
The deceased men, 32-year-old salesman Garfield Morgan and taxi operator Dinval White, 37, were shot dead in Mollison, just outside of the town.
Speaking at yesterday’s meeting of the Manchester Municipal Corporation, Superintendent Cameron said that Morgan may have been involved in selling items on the “black market” and was the target. Cameron said that nine-and-a-half cases of “bootleg” white rum and “several” cartons of cigarettes of various brands, some of which the police are not familiar with, were removed from the premises where the two were killed.
“We believe Morgan was targeted. The other man was taken out because he was there,” Cameron said. “In essence we believe that’s a contract killing.”
The superintendent used the meeting to urge community members to speak up if they observe illegal activities in order to prevent crimes from reaching the “doors” of innocent people.
Morgan and White are said to be brothers who shared a home in Mollison.
Cameron said that nothing was taken from the deceased men. more

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