Friday, May 19, 2017

Water everywhere in Jamaica
MOTORISTS are being advised to exercise care when travelling on the island's road network, especially during this period of inclement weather.The warning is coming from Kenute Hare, director of the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining. He said motorists should not engage in any risky behaviour which would jeopardise their safety.
“Avoid all fords... it's better to take the long way home and reach home safely than not to reach home at all. Do not try to test the waters, you will lose; respect it. The water will push you and your vehicle off the road,” he said to Jamaica Observer's Auto magazine yesterday.
“You don't want water on your bonnet or even up to your windows. That's dangerous! The electronics in your vehicle may go dead and you may lose control of it.”
Hare said he has had several reports of vehicles being washed away and damaged.
“Thankfully, we haven't heard of any lives being lost. We have to behave responsibly,” he said.
Several parishes have been under flood waters since the rains began on Monday. The Meteorological Office said the inclement weather, caused by a trough, is expected to remain within the vicinity of Jamaica until Saturday. more

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