'Wickedness tun up!' Falmouth mourns brutal murder of 72-year-old businesswoman

BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter hinesh@jamaicaobserver.com  Friday, May 19, 2017

FALMOUTH, Trelawny — Most people in this parish knew Hyacinthia Wright as “a nice woman”.So when news spread Wednesday that she was brutally killed people were in shock.
Front cover of today's paper“Mi can't believe it,” said one woman standing among a crowd yesterday outside the building at 2 Trelawny Street, Falmouth, where the 72-year-old widow of the town's former mayor, Joseph Wright, operated a hardware and craft retail business.
“Wickedness tun up,” said a man.
The slain woman's son, Claude Hines, was too overcome with grief to speak to the media. His wife, Fay, who said Wright was also called “Miss Little”, told the Jamaica Observer that earlier this year the businesswoman spent over a week in hospital after an unknown assailant used an object to inflict a blow to her head in her home town.
No one was arrested in connection with that attack.
Hyacinthia Wright, flanked by her
two sons, Everad Green (left) and
Claude Hines in happier times. 
Wright's body was found about 4:30 pm inside her business place, reportedly by a deaf mute who called residents who, in turn, summoned the police.Upon their arrival, the police saw the popular Falmouth woman sprawled on the floor of the shop with a sharp instrument embedded in her neck.
Yesterday, Superintendent Clive Blair, head of the Trelawny Police Division, told the Observer that they are “following several leads”.
The grisly murder attracted a massive gathering in front of the building up to minutes after 10:00 pm when the body was removed.
“Miss Little a one friendly person. She will just see you and don't know you and stop to talk to you,” Fay told the Observer yesterday.
“Bwoy, mi a tell you, the whole a wi break right down, right down. We have to be just trying to cope right now. Wi just weak. Wi don't even eat from morning. Claude only drink a cup of tea,” the teary-eyed daughter-in-law said. more

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