IN JAMAICA: St JAMES BLEEDS! Four shot dead in night of terror...Killed are 59-year-old Doreen Brown, her 24-year- old son Wade Weekly; and Clayton Daley. Brown's15-year-old grandson

BY HORACE HINES Observer West reporter  Thursday, June 08, 2017
BARRETT TOWN, St James — The bloodletting in the western parish of St James continued yesterday when four people — a mother, her son and his friend, as well as a female bartender — were shot dead by gunmen in two incidents in Barrett Town and the adjoining Barrett Hall community. Both incidents reportedly occurred shortly after1:00 am yesterday.
Bartender Nardia Cunningham killed
at her Barrett Hall home. 
Grieving family members of Doreen Brown
wait outside the Barrett Town Police Station
yesterday for word from investigators about
the,latest killings in the community. 
Those killed in the Barrett Town incident when gunmen invaded their home have been identified as 59-year-old Doreen Brown, her 24-year- old son Wade Weekly; and Clayton Daley.
Brown's15-year-old grandson, who was also shot and injured during the incident, was up to late yesterday battling for his life in hospital.
A Jamaica Observer West police source close to the investigations revealed that the deadly attack is believed to be a reprisal for the recent killing of a woman in the community.
Fifty-nine-year-old Brown shot
dead at her home. 
The police source disclosed that gangsters allegedly murdered the female community member after a fallout with one of her close relatives.
Then yesterday morning, masked men armed with high-powered weapons invaded Brown's house by kicking a door open and sprayed the occupants with bullets. Brown managed to escape the house but was caught outside and shot dead, reports say.
Curious residents gather at the house
in Barrett Town where three people, including
 a mother and her son, were killed in the
 wee hours yesterday.
The thugs reportedly kicked down five doors in the house during their rampage, before escaping the scene in a waiting motorcar.
Meanwhile, in the nearby Barrett Hall community, unknown assailants gunned down 25-year-old bartender Nardia Cunningham shortly after the Barrett Town attack.
The police were not clear if the second attack was related to the Barrett Town incident.
Wade Weekly, Brown’s 
24-year-old son. 
Reports are that about 1:05 am masked men, armed with high-powered weapons, kicked open a door to the bartender's house and shot her multiple times.
Among the many community members and curious onlookers, who converged near the triple murder scene and at the police station in Barrett Town yesterday was Brown's distraught sister, Joycelyn. more

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