NEGRIL, Westmoreland (JA) : Shockingly Chilling! Mother's body found in tomb inside her house; baby still missing

BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter  Thursday, June 08, 2017
NEGRIL, Westmoreland — The police yesterday afternoon removed the partially decomposed body of 24-year-old Shantel Dyer from a tomb which they demolished inside the house in which she lived here.But her three-year-old daughter, Orlandi Miller, is still missing.
The police say they will be seeking the help of their international partners to extradite Dyer's spouse, whom she lived with, but who left the island on April 27.

Family members of 24-year-old Shantel
 Dyer are distraught after receiving
 confirmation that her body was found
 in a tomb inside her house in
 Negril yesterday. (Photo: Philp Lemonte)
“We will be working with our overseas colleagues to get him back into the country,” head of the Criminal Investigation Branch Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell told the Jamaica Observer last night.
The mother and her infant daughter went missing about two months ago.
According to Keith, Dyer's distraught uncle, family members heard from the 24-year-old for the last time on her birthday, April 3.
He said that on Monday his sister — Dyer's mother Carline Bailey who lives in Kingston — was informed by a caller from New York that her daughter and granddaughter were dead.She rushed to Westmoreland where she reported the matter to the police who accompanied her to the house where they discovered the tomb in one of the rooms.
Yesterday, the police demolished the tomb and found the body.
People gather around someone who
apparently collapsed after learning
 that the body found inside a tomb
 in 24-year old Shantel Dyer’s house
yesterday was hers. (Photos: Philp Lemonte) 
Bailey had to be assisted by family members when the news that her daughter's body was discovered.
She cried uncontrollably and had to receive medical attention from an ambulance crew summoned to the scene.
Several family members and other residents who camped out for hours behind the police crime scene tape were overcome with emotion after the gruesome discovery was made.
“My mind messed up. Mi speechless; this is like a movie,” a woman was overheard saying.
“This is history in Jamaica... This is history to the highest level,” one man said.
The police are expected to resume the search for the infant today. more

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