BREAST CANCER : Sierra Leonean Student Is Developing An Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment.... Sandra Musujusu’s research focuses on a type of breast cancer that commonly affects black women.

 By Taryn Finley 7/14/17
An African University of Science and Technology, Abuja student is making groundbreaking discoveries in the way cancer is treated.
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Sandra Musujusu, a female student of African Uni of
 Science and Technology, Abuja, has developed an alternative
 treatment for breast cancer.
Sandra Musujusu is developing an alternative treatment for a subtype of breast cancer commonly found in black women, according to the Nigerian Tribune“My research is actually centered on the development of biodegradable polymers for treatment of breast cancer,” Musujusu told the Tribune. “I will be focusing on triple negative breast cancer, which is actually the aggressive subtype of breast cancer that is common with women from African ancestry.”
The Sierra Leone native’s research was unveiled on July 6 when World Bank director Jaime Saavedra Chanduvi visited the Nigerian school as a part of his assessment tour of the 10 African Centers of Excellence locations, funded to encourage research to benefit African countries facing problems. more

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