ALERT: Serena Williams Is 20 Weeks Pregnant! ...That means she won the freaking Australian Open while expecting.

Serena Williams
By Maxwell Strachan 4/19/17

That’s right: The tennis great announced on Snapchat Wednesday that she is 20 weeks pregnant with her first child. Do you know what this means? It means that our nation’s two queens, Beyoncé and Serena Williams, are both pregnant at the exact same time. 
Even more astonishingly, it means that Williams was pregnant when she won the Australian Open in January. The news comes just a few months after Williams announced that she’s engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian ― appropriately enough in a post on her fiancé’s site: more

DEAD: Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Dead In Apparent Suicide.... The former Patriots player was serving a life sentence in prison for murder.

By Alana Horowitz Satlin 4/19/17

Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots star imprisoned for homicide, died in an apparent suicide, the Massachusetts Department of Corrections said.
Aaron Hernandez
Hernandez, 27, was serving a life sentence for murder when corrections officers discovered his body early Wednesday. Born in Bristol, Connecticut, Hernandez left college at the University of Florida to join the 2010 NFL Draft, where he was picked up by the New England Patriots. He spent three seasons with them, where he broke several NFL records. During that time, he became engaged to Shayanna Jenkins, who gave birth to their daughter, Avielle, in November 2012. Though the couple never married, Jenkins later took Hernandez’ last name. more

NO MORE BILL : REPORT....O’Reilly On The Brink... New Accuser Says He Called Her ‘Hot Chocolate’...Bill O’Reilly On Chopping Block Amid Claim He Called Black Woman ‘Hot Chocolate’ “He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”

What once seemed unimaginable now seems at least possible.
New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported Tuesday that the Murdoch family is “leaning” toward pulling Bill O’Reilly off of Fox News’ airwaves in the middle of growing pressure from advertisers and activist groups.
Bill O'Reilly
The report comes amid a separate claim by attorney Lisa Bloom that O’Reilly used to call a black woman who worked as a clerical worker at Fox News “hot chocolate” during her time at the network in 2008. The television host would reportedly make her feel uncomfortable in other ways as well.  “He would never talk to her, not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar,” Bloom told The Hollywood Reporter. “He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”
Bloom, who said she verified the woman’s story with three witnesses, claims the woman feared she would lose her job if she complained at the time. She added that the woman wants no money, but has registered a complaint with the Fox News hotline in light of recent news about the host ― a service that apparently many female employees at the network only recently came to learn about. Later on Tuesday in a statement provided to CNN’s Dylan Byers, O’Reilly lawyer Marc Kasowitz argued that the claims were part of an “orchestrated campaign by activists” to bring O’Reilly down.
“It is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened almost a decade ago is being treated as fact, especially where there is obviously an orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr. O’Reilly and enrich themselves through publicity driven donations,” Kasowitz said. 
Ashamed Bill
O’Reilly, who remains cable news’ most dominant figure, went on vacation last week as advertisers dropped him by the dozens following a New York Times investigation that revealed the Fox News Network and the host had paid at least $13 million to settle five claims of sexual harassment.
More claims have continued to surface about the host’s actions ― some of them from the most unlikely of sources. more

USA v. NORTH KOREA TENSION : JK, NK! TRUMP ‘ARMADA’ WENT WRONG WAY FOR DAYS....U.S. Aircraft Carrier Went In Wrong Direction For Days After White House Threat Trump said he was “sending an armada” to the Korean Peninsula, but that didn’t happen.

By Paige Lavender ,  Eline Gordts 4/18/17

When U.S. officials claimed two weeks ago that an American aircraft carrier was heading toward waters near North Korea, it was actually sailing in the opposite direction, The New York Times and Defense News report.
Amid growing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, U.S. Pacific Command announced on April 8 that the USS Carl Vinson strike group would sail north to the western Pacific after departing Singapore that day. An American official told Reuters at the time that the ships’ move toward the Korean Peninsula was a show of force directed at the regime of Kim Jong Un.
U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told Fox News the next day that the group was being rerouted from Singapore toward the Korean Peninsula as a “prudent” show of force.
Mere days after the announcement about the strike group’s new course, President Donald Trump weighed in on the North Korean threat. “We are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier,” Trump told Fox on April 12.
“We have the best military people on Earth. And I will say this: He is doing the wrong thing,” Trump added, referring to Kim Jong Un.
But Defense News pointed out on Tuesday that photos released by the U.S. Navy showed the aircraft carrier passing through the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, about 3,500 miles from the Korean Peninsula, last Saturday. It was moving away from North Korea when U.S. officials said it was moving toward the peninsula, the Times confirmed on Tuesday.
The ship has changed direction since then, but is expected to arrive far later than initial reports suggested. more

VIOLET BROWN, 117 y-o, Jamaican Centenarian Now Oldest Person In The World

Jamaican woman, Violet Brown, is now oldest human alive
117 y-o Violet Brown
Jamaican centenarian Violet Brown is now the oldest living person in the world. Brown, who is 117 years and 36 days old, took over from Italian Emma Morano who passed away today. Morano’s life spanned three centuries, two World Wars, 90 Italian governments, an abusive marriage, the loss of her only son. Brown was born March 10, 1900 and is believed to be one of the two remaining persons who were born in the 19th century. Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed congratulations to Brown.

List of oldest living people

RankNameSexBirth dateAge as of 16 April 2017Place of residence
1Violet Brown[4]F10 March 1900117 years, 37 daysJamaica[a]
2Nabi Tajima[4]F4 August 1900116 years, 255 daysJapan
3Chiyo Miyako[4]F2 May 1901115 years, 349 daysJapan
4Ana María Vela Rubio[4]F29 October 1901115 years, 169 daysSpain
5Marie Josephine Gaudette[4]F25 March 1902115 years, 22 daysItaly[b]
Brown, who was born on March 10, 1900, on the same premises where she still lives for 117 years, Duanvale, Trelawny, Jamaica, became the eldest person alive after the passing of Italian Emma Morano on Saturday, April 15, 2017, at the age of 117. Morano was born on November 29, 1899.
Violet Mosse-Brown has children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren that live in Jamaica, the United States, Europe, and Africa.
On Brown’s 115th birthday, The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd,  sent her a plaque of recognition for reaching this phenomenal milestone Affectionately called Aunty V, as the oldest person in Jamaica as well as the Caribbean, she is also the oldest living person with the oldest child alive and has also made history by this fact.
The World Genealogy Research Group are consultants for the Guinness World Book of Records since the year 2000. The organization adjudicates and authenticates documents of the world’s oldest persons and identifies candidates for the title.

ST. JAMES, JAMAICA (NEW TWIST IN SHOOTING) : Shanique Rose, 16-y-o Muschett High student shot by passenger in minibus, not motorist New twist

Thursday, April 13, 2017    

CONTENT, St James - New information has emerged that the bullet which killed 16-year-old Muschett High student Shanique Rose, last Friday, was fired from inside the minibus in which she was a passenger, and not by an angry motorist.
01Initial reports of the fatal shooting were that the incident was triggered by an altercation between the bus driver and an irate motorist who opened fire into the minibus.
But investigations have revealed that the story was a complete fabrication.
The police had earlier reported that the student was killed on Friday when the motorist, complaining about the bright lights on the minibus, fired in anger at the vehicle. Rose was allegedly hit by the motorist's bullets and taken to hospital where she succumbed to her wounds.
There were no reports of any other injuries.
However, based on information reaching the Jamaica Observer West it was revealed that about 11:30 pm on Friday the grade 10 student was among a group heading home on a bus from a party not far from her Content community.
Along the way, a gun-toting passenger allegedly began firing shots in the air after leaning outside the vehicle.
It is alleged that on one occasion the pistol jammed, and as the passenger was attempting to release it, a shot went off ending up in the back of the girl, who had turned 16 years old the previous day.
This resulted in the occupants of the bus, including one of Rose's elder sisters, reportedly fabricating the story that a dispute developed between the bus driver and an oncoming motorist who verbally assaulted the bus driver for failing to turn off his headlights at a rest stop.
"They were trying to use that story just to cover up what happened because they were scared to talk about what really happened that night," a source who requested anonymity told the Observer West. more

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Charlemont High School leads march against crime and violence..... “We want justice”

BY TANESHA MUNDLE Observer staff reporter  Thursday, April 06, 2017    

WITH chants of “Enough is enough” and “We want justice”, students and staff of Charlemont High in St Catherine yesterday morning led a march to denounce the upsurge in crime and violence in society.
The march, which was well supported by the community, was held in memory of the school’s beloved mathematics teacher, Tanijah Howell, who was brutally murdered in February in the neighbouring parish of St Ann.
Students March Against Crime in Jamaica
The Charlemont-led peace march was supported by several other schools in that section of St Catherine, including McGrath High, Bog Walk High, and Dinthill Technical High, as well as the Optimist Club, Linstead Community Development Committee, the Jamaica Constabulary Force, past students of Charlemont, parents, and several residents of Linstead.
“Today’s march is not only in memory of Mr Howell; today’s march also signifies that as a school community we are tired, fed up, and we are asking all members in the community to come on board with us. Enough is enough and we are saying no to violence towards all members of our community,” Charlemont Principal Garth Gayle told the Jamaica Observer yesterday. When asked what the school hoped to achieve from the march, he said: “It’s simply bringing realisation of where we are a country, and that we as a school are standing up to say we want the violence to stop; because when [no action is taken] it will eventually feed back into the school and we don’t want that.”
Participants in the march, led by Principal Gayle, journeyed from the school, just outside Linstead, to the Linstead Transportation Centre in the town square shortly after 8 in the morning, bearing placards which called for an end to crime and violence.
Former Youth Minister Lisa Hanna, in an address to the gathering, urged the students to examine themselves and to correct their behaviours and attitudes if they wanted to make an impact in the fight against crime.
“It’s not a very hard thing to solve, just check yuhself, check the music you listen, check how you relate to one another, check the way you dress,” she said.
“One of the problems we are facing is in your generation and what passes as disagreement is a culture of aggression, so it’s difficult for you to accept different opinions because you want to be right sometimes. And because you don’t have the ability sometimes to express an alternative view many of you get violent,” she said, in an apparent reference to the opposition she faced when she suggested earlier this year that music by imprisoned entertainer “Vybz Kartel” be banned from airplay. more

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