BY RICHARD JOHNSON Observer senior reporter johnsonr@jamaicaobserver.com  Monday, March 26, 2018

INCARCERATED reggae singer Buju Banton will do his first concert, upon release from prison, in Trinidad and Tobago.
The announcement came yesterday from Jodian Ebanks, a member of the singer's marketing team, at a media briefing held during the Love and Harmony Cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit vessel.
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Buju Banton
According to Ebanks, the concert will be held on April 22, 2019. The venue was not disclosed. She said a concert is scheduled for Jamaica at a later date.
“Buju is very excited about being on the road again. Jamaica is very special to him and he wants to be able to give his home country the type of concert it deserves,” said Ebanks.
“Trinidad was chosen as the dates, travel schedules, and all the other variables all came together for that time of year and was the best fit,” she continued.
Jamaica Observer was informed that some of the acts Buju Banton wanted to perform at the Jamaica concert were not available, so that is the reason why the organisers decided to do the Trinidad show first.
Ebanks said the reggae singer is looking forward to his release and the opportunity to make music for his fans. more

CANCER DILEMMA FOR JAMAICAN IN UK: 63 y-o J'can Albert Thompson in UK told to pay £54,000 for treatment unless citizenship proven. He has lived there for 40 years.

Albert Thompson
A Jamaican man in the United Kingdom is being refused treatment for prostate cancer despite living there for more than 40 years, Britain's Guardiannewspaper has reported.
The newspaper report names the man as Albert Thompson, 63, and said he has not been receiving the radiotherapy treatment he needs because he has been unable to provide officials with sufficient documentary evidence that he has lived in the UK continuously since arriving from Jamaica as a teenager in 1973.
Front cover of today's paperThompson, the Guardian said, was told to provide the evidence or pay £54,000 for his treatment.
Britain's Prime Minister Teresa May, in a letter to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who brought the situation to her attention, said: “No urgent treatment should ever be withheld or delayed by the NHS regardless of ability of willingness to pay.”
The Guardian reported that regulations introduced last October require hospitals to check patients' paperwork, including passports and proof of address, and charge upfront for their health care if they do not have documentary proof of eligibility unless the treatment is deemed to be urgent. “The decision on whether his treatment is urgent or immediately necessary must rightly be made by the clinicians treating him,” Prime Minister May wrote. more

Ashunie Negrini , 2-y-o Westmoreland boy missing

Ashunie Negrini
Thursday, February 22, 2018 

WESTMORELAND, Jamaica — A high alert has been activated for two-year-old Ashunie Negrini of Little Bay, Little London in Westmoreland who has been missing since Tuesday, February 20.
He is of dark complexion, slim built and is about 61 centimetres (two feet tall).
Reports from the Little London police are that Ashunie was last seen at home dressed in a blue jeans pant. A thorough search was carried out in the immediate environs which proved futile.
Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Ashunie is being asked to contact the Little London police at 955-744/ 955-2758, police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station. more

NEW MOORE ACCUSER: ‘HE DIDN’T PINCH IT, HE GRABBED’ Sixth Roy Moore Accuser Comes Forward, Says He Groped Her In 1991

By Nick Visser 11/16/17
A sixth woman has accused Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual harassment, and two other women have come forward with allegations of misconduct by the judge while they were young women working at an Alabama mall.
Tina Johnson told the news outlet AL.com she was groped by Moore during a meeting at his law office in 1991, when she was 28 years old. She said she went to see Moore to sign over custody of her then 12-year-old son to her mother, who was also in the meeting, and that as soon as she walked into his office, Moore began flirting with her.
“He kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked,” she said in her account. “He was saying that my eyes were beautiful.”
She described the event as uncomfortable before noting that at one point during the meeting Moore moved around his desk, sat inches from her and asked questions about her young daughters. When the meeting ended and Johnson turned to leave, she said Moore grabbed her buttocks.

IN JAMAICA: Accused killer of Manchester cop, Corporal Melvin Smith charged with murder

Thursday, November 16, 2017
MANDEVILLE, Manchester — The Manchester police have formally charged a 22- year-old man for the murder of Corporal Melvin Smith in this south central town on the night of October 27.
Corporal Melvin Smith
Supt Wayne Cameron, head of the Manchester police, named the accused as Kemar Bennett, otherwise called 'Sparta' of Settlement in Williamsfield, Manchester.
Cameron said Bennett was pointed out in an identification parade last Friday and was formally charged Tuesday night. In addition to murder, Bennett has been charged with illegal possession of a firearm, wounding with intent and robbery with aggravation.
Two additional charges of robbery (unrelated to the murder) have also been laid against Bennett, including one just 25 minutes before Corporal Smith was killed. The same establishment, a gaming lounge on Ward Avenue, was targeted in both cases, Cameron said. more

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