AT BELLEVUE HOSPITAL IN KINGSTON, JAMAICA : Family in shock after dad of four, Denton “Brown Man” Stewart, found hanging

BY KIMONE THOMPSON Associate editor — features  Thursday, June 22, 2017

The late Denton 'Brown Man' Stewart 
While the world was celebrating Father's Day on Sunday, Denton “Brown Man” Stewart, himself a father of four, apparently took his own life.
Stewart, a middle-aged carpenter, was employed to Bellevue Hospital, a State-run mental health facility in Kingston. Co-workers found his body dangling from a rope inside an abandoned ward undergoing renovations when they showed up for work on Monday.
The hospital staff members, many of whom gathered in groups under trees just outside the building where their colleague's body was found, were visibly shocked and hurt, many even angry and casting blame on hospital administration for what they described as a tense and stressful working relationship.
“Dis a nuh Brown Man. Dis a nuh 'Brown Man',” one of them kept repeating, shaking his head.
Another said: “A not even one year yet wi bury one a wi other co-worker, and now Brown Man gone too.”
“It hurt the staff, but it hurt me times two,” one nurse was overheard telling her colleagues. “You never come in contact with him and not come away touched.”
Stewart's aunt Judith Brown told the Jamaica Observer that the entire family is reeling from shock. “Everybody shocked to hear this. None of us know Denton like this,” she said, adding that they didn't see any signs that would suggest he was thinking of taking his own life.
Bellevue Hospital in Kingston
“Denton builds furniture and he had a shop one time. The shop burned down right down to the ground [and] he never did this. He was in a bike accident one time and his fingers were crushed. He spent weeks in KPH (Kingston Public Hospital) recuperating [and] he never did this. So why now?” Brown said.
She said she last saw her nephew two weeks ago when he paid her a visit to assess some carpentry work at her house. She said, too, that he had recently completed a cabinet-making contract at a house nearby. She maintained that if Stewart was having any particular problem, he would have at least shared it with his grandmother, with whom she said he was very close.
“For Denton not to come home, for Denton not to call…” said Brown, her voice trailing off. “Dis hot. It hot bad. Wi not even tell him mother yet. Nuhbody nuh know how fi tell har.” more

THE OASIS INVENTION :This 10-Year-Old, Bishop Curry, Is Creating A Device To Prevent Infants From Dying In Hot Cars...His patent should be here within the year.

Bishop Curry, 10 y-o inventor
 By Zahara Hill of Huffpost 6/20/17 
After Bishop Curry heard his neighbor’s 6-month-old infant died from being in an overheated car, he decided to create a life-saving device to prevent incidents like this from reoccurring ― as any responsible 10-year-old would.
“It kind of came in my head,” Bishop told HuffPost of his device, the Oasis. The Oasis would respond to rising temperatures by emitting cool air and use an antenna to signal parents and authorities. At the moment, Bishop only has a 3-D clay model of the device, but his father, Bishop Curry IV, began a GoFundMe campaign for the Oasis in January.
“I got lots of help from my parents,” Bishop said. 
Attorneys advised the family that the minimum amount they’d need for prototyping and manufacturing fees, as well as a patent for the device, is $20,000. 
The GoFundMe campaign has already exceeded that $20,000 goal and, as of Monday, has raised over $23,700. Bishop, who will begin sixth grade in the fall, told Fox News last week that in addition to his parents, his classmates and friends are fully behind him on his projects. 
“They want to work for me,” he said. 
Last June, CNN reported that the number of hot-car deaths had nearly tripled compared to the same time in 2015, which had 24 hot-car deaths in total.
When Curry grows up, he wants to center his career around inventions, including a time machine. 

CNN NEWSBREAK: Former North Korea detainee OTTO WARMBIER dies few days after returning to the US. What Should Trump Do?

 6/19/17@ 5:08 pm ET

Otto Warmbier, the former University of Virginia student who returned home to the U.S. last week after spending more than a year imprisoned in North Korea, died on Monday afternoon, his family announced.
“Unfortunately, the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today,” his parents said in a statement.
Otto Warmbier
Warmbier landed in the U.S. on June 13 unable to speak, see or react to verbal commands, the statement added. Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center characterized his state as one of “unresponsive wakefulness,” they said on Thursday.
North Korea also sent MRI images of Warmbier’s brain, dated April 2016. The photos indicated his injury likely occurred before the scans were taken ― meaning he had been suffering since the beginning of his imprisonment. 
The Wyoming, Ohio, native was in North Korea with a tour group when he was detained for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel. He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in March of 2016 after a tear-filled confession on camera in a North Korean courtroom. The White House and human rights groups condemned Warmbier’s imprisonment, calling for his immediate release.
Otto Warmbier
“Otto’s a young, thrill-seeking, great kid who was going to be in that part of the world for a college experience,” his father, Fred Warmbier, told the Associated Press.
He would have been in UVA’s 2017 graduating class had he returned from North Korea safely. “UVA will not forget one of our own,” university President Teresa Sullivan tweeted.

Beyoncé Gives Birth To Destiny’s Children.... Moment of silence for the internet.

Beyhive, meet your two newest members. 
Beyoncé and husband Jay Z have welcomed twins in Los Angeles, according to multipleoutlets. The sex of the twins is currently unknown, as well as exactly when the singer gave birth. The couple are, of course, already parents to Blue Ivy, 5, who, if you haven’t heard, is about the most adorable girl on planet earth.
The “Formation” singer announced she was pregnant with twins in February with an instantly iconic photo shoot that essentially broke the internet. Her announcement photo became the most-liked Instagram post ever. Remember? The floral moment with some green mesh and major Virgin Mary vibes? 
“We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes,” the announcement read, signed by “The Carters.” The typically reclusive star has been out and about since then. She stopped by the Grammys about a week after the announcement only to lose every major award to Adele. Bey did walk away with the satisfaction that she delivered the night’s most flawless performance, featuring a medley of songs from her nominated album, “Lemonade” about what it means to be a mother and a daughter. 

WOMAN'S BODY FOUND IN JAMAICA (WESTMORELAND) : INDECOM to probe the death of 21-year-old Shantel Wright, probing canefield discovery of victim said to be last seen with a policeman

BY HORACE HINES Staff reporter  Sunday, June 18, 2017

LITTLE LONDON, Westmoreland — Angry residents of this Western Westmoreland town yesterday disrupted normal activities on the road leading to the popular tourist town of Negril to protest the death of a female employee of the Savanna-la-Mar Police Station, whose body was found in a canefield.
The woman's relatives and other community members, who mounted the roadblock, alleged that Wright was last seen alive in the company of a senior police officer, who is stationed in Westmoreland, and called for the senior officer to answer certain questions.
“He has to be interrogated,” one female protester demanded.
Later the protesters heard that the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) had stepped in to probe the death of 21-year-old Shantel Wright who went missing last Wednesday night, before her body was found a short distance from her home late Friday evening.
“A report was made of a missing young lady in the form of Shantel Wright. Shantel Wright's body was discovered yesterday (Friday ) in a canefield in Little London, Westmoreland. INDECOM received information after the discovery that a police officer had information that could assist with an investigation,” Errol Chattoo, director of complaints, INDECOM, Western Region, told the Jamaica Observer.
According to family members, Wright, who is employed as a member of the administrative staff at the Savanna-la-Mar Police Station, was at a party hosted by her mother at a small shop in the community Wednesday night.
About 11:30 pm she decided to leave the party and was said to be driven home by the lawman, a short distance from where the entertainment event was hosted. “Her mother had a party Wednesday night. He (cop) took her home and he was the last person seen with her. They called at work and was told she is not at work. So we put out an alarm and launched a search with the assistance of the Little London Police,” claimed distraught cousin of the deceased Dorette Williams.
Wright's aunt, Sonia Williams, concurred.
“Around 11:30 pm she said she wanted to get a rest to go to work early in the morning. From the policeman took her home, no more. She has not been seen or heard from. He's the last person she was seen with.”
Chattoo is appealing to persons with information that can assist INDECOM to provide it.
“We are also appealing to anybody who has information in relation to her disappearance to come forward and share the information with us,” Chattoo implored.
He said that INDECOM had already contacted the Police High Command.
“We have been in contact and dialogue with the High Command of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in relation to the matter,” Chattoo stated. more

KINGSTON, JAMAICA : Mother of 6-y-o says she lost everything after a fire destroyed two houses on Second Street in Trench Town

Friday, June 09, 2017

THREE people were left homeless after a fire destroyed two houses on Second Street in Trench Town, Kingston, yesterday.According to Garth Mills, district officer for the Jamaica Fire Brigade, firefighters responded to a call at 10:39 am. He said two units from York Park Fire Station responded.
A resident videos what is left of the houses
following the fire yesterday in Trench Town, Kingston.
(Photos: Bryan Cummings) 
No one was injured in the blaze.
When the Jamaica Observer visited the community yesterday, the fire had already been extinguished.
Shanise Mendez, 23, who occupied one of the houses with her six-year-old son, told the Observer that she lost everything.
“I was on West Road when mi hear, 'Watch dah smoke deh'. I stopped and look. People were moving like nothing was happening. Then my sister called me and said your house a burn down. When I came I saw the place burn down,” Mendez said, adding that she was preparing for her son's graduation next month.
Image may contain: one or more people
Fire Victim Wonders Whats Next
“I lost my partner money, which is $138,000. The clothes isn't really the problem because I have clothes at my mother's house. I was preparing for graduation, which is the fifth of next month; next Friday is registration at Iris Gelly Primary School as well”, Mendez said, adding that she was supposed to pay the money today. more

IN JAMAICA: GSAT scores up... Results of Grade Six Achievement Test to be released today 6/9/17

BY KIMONE THOMPSON Observer staff reporter  Friday, June 09, 2017

IF the national scores and the number of students placed in one of the five schools on their preferred list are any indication, school administrators and teachers should be pleased when they receive the results of the 2017 sitting of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) today.The Ministry of Education reported yesterday that schools with online access should have been able to access the results as of 12:01 am today, while those without will be able to pick up the documents at the regional offices by midday. Parents should start learning their children's scores and placement schools today.
Education Minister Ruel Reid (left) and his
 junior minister Floyd Green announced the 2017
 results of the Grade Six Achievement Test
 in a press conference at the ministry
yesterday. (Photo: Garfield Robinson) 
At a press conference at its Heroes Circle head office yesterday, the ministry reported that with the exception of one subject, this year's scores showed “notable improvement” over those recorded last year.
Mathematics, which has previously been on the decline, moved up 4.2 percentage points to 62.4 per cent; language arts moved up 4.4 percentage points to 72.8 per cent; communication task moved 4.2 percentage points to 76.2 per cent; and social studies went from 68.9 per cent in 2016 to 70.6 per cent this year.
Image result for jamaican primary school students pics
Primary School Students
Science, which enjoyed an incremental increase in performance from 2014 to 2016, declined 4.5 percentage points this year, from 69.2 per cent to 64.7 per cent.
The education minister, Senator Ruel Reid, explained that while students' knowledge of concepts was particularly high, it fell when asked to analyse or apply deductive reasoning.
In tandem with the improved results, the ministry said 99 per cent of the students who sat the exam have been placed in high schools, as opposed to all-age and junior high schools. more

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